Our Benefits

Excellence through flexibility.

No Development Fees

Why pay a substantial development fee? We offer monthly payment plans.

Free biennial redesign

We will redesign your website free of charge every 24 months.

Graphic Design

Jack of all trades, master of graphics.

Solid Hosting

99.9% uptime guaranteed

Mobile Ready

All websites are optimized for mobile devices of any size, shape and age.

Technical Support

You are not alone, we will provide any technical support you may need.

Recent Projects

We are proud to present our recent creations.

  • Punked Hair Products

    Punked Neon Hair Dye

    Hair Products
  • Nabio Consulting

    Kattekwaad Guesthouse

    Guesthouse Situated In Kaapschehoop
  • ePayslip


    Payslip Distribution Software (Proprietary System)
  • Osprey

    Osprey HIROS

    HIROS System (Proprietary System)
  • Osprey


    Shuttle And Chauffeur Service
  • Nabio Consulting

    Nabio Consulting

    Nano Technology Research
  • Tens Care Medical Equipment

    Tens Care SA

    Tens Care Medical Equipment
  • Waters On Willows

    Waters On Willows

    Botique Guesthouse
  • Sanbonani - Medical Supply Company

    Sanbonani Holdings

    Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Chivalry Designs - Quality Furniture

    Chivalry Designs

    Artisan Furniture
  • Physio And Wellness - Supplier of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment.

    Physio And Wellness

    Distributor of physio equipment and accessories
  • Rest-A-While Guest house


    Pretoria Guesthouse
  • Prime Design And Photography - Professional photography and graphic design.

    Prime Design & Photography

    Photography and Graphic Design
  • Marissa - Performing Artist Portfolio

    High Notes

    Performing Artist
  • Marissa - Performing Artist Portfolio


    Lifting Solutions

About Us

Our Mission

Most people nowadays expect every business to have an on line presence of some kind and many start-ups do not have the capital to pay for a web developers island mansion made of diamonds.

We found that a niche for more reasonably priced digital solutions tailor made specifically for small businesses exists. We focus on long lasting partnerships instead of short term profitability and even though we are a very young company we plan long term. We take care of everything in terms of setting up a website and aim to have full transparency and an open communication channel with the client, sending out email updates on the progress of the project every two to three days or once a week. Depending on the project.

We also offer graphic design services as we believe that it goes hand in hand with web design. The website is your company's representative to the world and has to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Whether it be e-commerce, online company portfolios or a web solution to streamline and automate the more challenging parts of your business. We do it all.


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